CRTV 94.0 online television
The Cameroon Radio and Television was created after the department of radio broadcasting and Cameroon television fused. The department of radio broadcasting started off as « la societé de radio-diffusion de la France Outré Mer (SORAFOM) » during the First World War when the French arrived in Douala and installed a short wave transmitter. This structure later become the department of radio broadcasting placed under the ministry of information and culture after Cameroon gained its independence.
Слушать CRTV 94.0 в прямой эфире онлайн. Камерун / Новости / Французское ток-радио радиостанция. CRTV 94.0 слушать онлайн бесплатно.

О станции: CRTV 94.0

CRTV 94.0 2,7/5 - 18 голосов

Место нахождения: Камерун / Новости / Французское ток-радио
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