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Afghan Music FmAfghan Music Fm

Афганистан / Поп-музыка

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Слушать Afghan Music Fm радио онлайн. Афганистан / Поп-музыка. Afghan Music Fm интернет радио онлайн.

Arman FMArman FM

Афганистан / Местная музыка / Разнообразные

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The first Music Station with Largest coverage in Afghanistan! / اولین رادیوی موسیقی افغانستان با گسترده ترین پوشش24/7 Слушать Arman FM радио онлайн. Афганистан / Местная музыка / Разнообразные. Arman FM интернет радио онлайн.

Radio Ariana 93.5Radio Ariana 93.5

Афганистан / Adult Contemporary / Поп-музыка

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Ariana Radio is a private radio network established in 2005 by Engineer Ehsanollah Bayat. With more than 60 radio transmitters, Ariana Radio is the only radio channel providing coverage to all provinces of Afghanistan and is the most popular radio channel in Afghanistan, providing programming in Dari, Pashtu, Uzbeki, and Turkmani languages. The channel operates 24 hours each day and recently added local programming from its studios in Herat, Balkh, Jawzjan, and Nagarhar provinces in Turkmani, Uzbeki, and Pashtu languages. The channel proudly carries programming for Deutche Welle and Voice of Russia. Recently, Ariana Radio began creating a weekly women’s radio drama that allows Afghan women to understand how women are able to overcome the many challenges that are unique to Afghan women, and to understand how to help their friends and family members overcome the problems with solutions based on teachings from the Holy Quran and from other members of society who have faced similar problems. Слушать Radio Ariana 93.5 радио онлайн. Афганистан / Adult Contemporary / Поп-музыка. Radio Ariana 93.5 интернет радио онлайн.