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3Sinhala Web Radio3Sinhala Web Radio

Шри-Ланка / Поп-музыка / Разнообразные

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3Sinhala Web Radio 24/7! Слушать 3Sinhala Web Radio радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Поп-музыка / Разнообразные. 3Sinhala Web Radio интернет радио онлайн.

ABC Gold FM 93.0ABC Gold FM 93.0

Шри-Ланка / Классический рок

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Слушать ABC Gold FM 93.0 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Классический рок. ABC Gold FM 93.0 интернет радио онлайн.

ABC Hiru FM 96.7ABC Hiru FM 96.7

Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио / Тамильская музыка

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Hiru FM is Sri Lanka's number 1 choice for music and entertainment! Since our inception in 1998, we have emerged as the trendsetter in the industry. Слушать ABC Hiru FM 96.7 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио / Тамильская музыка. ABC Hiru FM 96.7 интернет радио онлайн.

Beat FM - Sri LankaBeat FM - Sri Lanka

Шри-Ланка / Фолк-музыка / Азиатское радио

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Sri Lanka\'s #1 Youth Music Station Слушать Beat FM - Sri Lanka радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Фолк-музыка / Азиатское радио. Beat FM - Sri Lanka интернет радио онлайн.

E FM 100.4E FM 100.4

Шри-Ланка / Разнообразные

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Слушать E FM 100.4 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Разнообразные. E FM 100.4 интернет радио онлайн.

Isira FM 93.9Isira FM 93.9

Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио

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Слушать Isira FM 93.9 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио. Isira FM 93.9 интернет радио онлайн.

Kiss 89.8Kiss 89.8

Шри-Ланка / Поп-музыка

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Слушать Kiss 89.8 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Поп-музыка. Kiss 89.8 интернет радио онлайн.

Lak FM 92.0Lak FM 92.0

Шри-Ланка / Разнообразные

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Слушать Lak FM 92.0 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Разнообразные. Lak FM 92.0 интернет радио онлайн.

Laknada Online Music RadioLaknada Online Music Radio

Шри-Ланка / Местная музыка

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Welcome to Laknada Online Music Radio. Laknada is a sinhala internet radio station. Laknada is a result of the work by few Sri Lankans from various parts of the world to bring a Sinhalese radio station on internet. We are playing Sinhalese songs & Remix Dj and most of the times the songs that you don’t get to listen these days. We want the Laknada to be the background music for your life. our song collection has been embraced by people all around the world. While we listen to suggestions of our audience, we always try to listen to our heart for the last decision.Enjoy yourself......! Слушать Laknada Online Music Radio радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Местная музыка. Laknada Online Music Radio интернет радио онлайн.

Lite FM 89.2Lite FM 89.2

Шри-Ланка / Лёгкая музыка / Романтика

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Слушать Lite FM 89.2 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Лёгкая музыка / Романтика. Lite FM 89.2 интернет радио онлайн.

Neth FM 105.9Neth FM 105.9

Шри-Ланка / World Talk / Азиатское радио

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ASSET RADIO BROADCASTING (PVT) LIMITED commenced its commercial operations with its first Sinhala FM channel "NETH FM" on 03rd November 2005 with the motto, ‘Radio for Life’. NETH FM has opened the eyes of its listeners by developing creativity and visualisation of the radio within a very short era which operates throughout 24 hours and caters to the entire family by broadcasting a wide variety of programmes that could touch on matters relating to everyday life styles of Sri Lankans – Religion, History, Culture, Science, Technology, Sports and Current Affairs. Which True Sri Lankans have been yearning for a radio station with this concept for decades, and now the Nations radio channel “NETH FM” has fulfilled the desires of the hearts of Sri Lankans. Слушать Neth FM 105.9 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / World Talk / Азиатское радио. Neth FM 105.9 интернет радио онлайн.

Ran FM 102.2Ran FM 102.2

Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио

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Слушать Ran FM 102.2 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио. Ran FM 102.2 интернет радио онлайн.

Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio 107.2Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio 107.2

Шри-Ланка / Религия

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Слушать Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio 107.2 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Религия. Rangiri Sri Lanka Radio 107.2 интернет радио онлайн.

Real Radio 87.8Real Radio 87.8

Шри-Ланка / Разнообразные

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Слушать Real Radio 87.8 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Разнообразные. Real Radio 87.8 интернет радио онлайн.

Rhythm FM 100.7Rhythm FM 100.7

Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио / Поп-музыка

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Слушать Rhythm FM 100.7 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио / Поп-музыка. Rhythm FM 100.7 интернет радио онлайн.


Shakthi FM 105.1Shakthi FM 105.1

Шри-Ланка / Тамильская музыка

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Слушать Shakthi FM 105.1 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Тамильская музыка. Shakthi FM 105.1 интернет радио онлайн.

Sirasa FM 106.5Sirasa FM 106.5

Шри-Ланка / Этника / Азиатское радио

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We are –SIRASA FM – the number one in Sri Lankan radio arena. The trend setters of the modern day broadcasting & the benchmark of the all time novelty of the entertainment industry. Launched the test transmission on December 1993, and official launch took place on the 2nd March1994. Sirasa FM had the very latest Digital technology, latest transmission equipments & the DJ style broadcasting studios – a totally new concept to Sir Lanka. We were the first to launch a pure Sinhala radio channel with crystal clear reception islandwide. We were the first to launch a non stop 24 hour transmission in Sri Lanka, We were the first to launch interactive radio programs with listeners over the phone & first to go on line with a webcast to become the first ever worldwide Sinhala radio station in the world. Sirasa FM is the pinnacle of the media arm of MBC / MTV media operations. Слушать Sirasa FM 106.5 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Этника / Азиатское радио. Sirasa FM 106.5 интернет радио онлайн.

Siyatha FM 90.9Siyatha FM 90.9

Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио

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Слушать Siyatha FM 90.9 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио. Siyatha FM 90.9 интернет радио онлайн.

Siyeli Handa - සියැලි හඬSiyeli Handa - සියැලි හඬ

Шри-Ланка / Католическое радио / Евангелие

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Siyeli Handa is an internet radio broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ and the values he propagated which seek to ennoble human life and its cultural richness. This helps in the formation in the field of education character building and moral upbringing geared to well being of the community. This is our noble ambition. We have a line up of very valuable programmes. We invite you to listen to them also do not forget to send your feed back. Слушать Siyeli Handa - සියැලි හඬ радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Католическое радио / Евангелие. Siyeli Handa - සියැලි හඬ интернет радио онлайн.

SLBC City FM 91.2SLBC City FM 91.2

Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио / Сообщество

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Слушать SLBC City FM 91.2 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Азиатское радио / Сообщество. SLBC City FM 91.2 интернет радио онлайн.

SLBC Sinhala Commercial Service 93.3SLBC Sinhala Commercial Service 93.3

Шри-Ланка / Новости / Азиатское радио

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Слушать SLBC Sinhala Commercial Service 93.3 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Новости / Азиатское радио. SLBC Sinhala Commercial Service 93.3 интернет радио онлайн.

SLBC Sinhala National Service 98.3SLBC Sinhala National Service 98.3

Шри-Ланка / Новости / Азиатское радио

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The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation is the pioneer electronic media network in Sri Lanka. Recognizing the needs of all social strata, our listener-oriented radio channels play a vital role of facilitator in the development process, while emphasizing the needs of rural communities. Our radio services have gained tremendous popularity ever since the pioneering Dhamma sermons given in Sinhala by the Venerable Pelene Sri Vajiragnana Thero went on air. Over the decades, SLBC has presented a multitude of trailblazing programme series such as 'Kavi Kolaya' 'Kankariya' 'Sabhawen Awasara' 'Pile Padura' 'Thunpath Rata' 'Rangamadala' 'Muwanpelessa' and 'Pibidena Gayaka Parapura' produced in time-tested, classical and creative radio formats including Drama, News, Interviews, Radio magazines, Features, Live updates and many more. It is with immense pride that we see a majority of top Executives, Managers, Decision-makers and Leading media personalities in the industry today, having built their careers on a solid foundation provided by our Radio Training Institute, the first ever in Asia. Слушать SLBC Sinhala National Service 98.3 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Новости / Азиатское радио. SLBC Sinhala National Service 98.3 интернет радио онлайн.

SLBC Tamil Commercial Service 105.6SLBC Tamil Commercial Service 105.6

Шри-Ланка / Сообщество / Этника / Тамильская музыка

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Слушать SLBC Tamil Commercial Service 105.6 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Сообщество / Этника / Тамильская музыка. SLBC Tamil Commercial Service 105.6 интернет радио онлайн.

SLBC Tamil National Service 101.3SLBC Tamil National Service 101.3

Шри-Ланка / Тамильская музыка / Азиатское радио

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Слушать SLBC Tamil National Service 101.3 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Тамильская музыка / Азиатское радио. SLBC Tamil National Service 101.3 интернет радио онлайн.

Sooriyan FM 103.2Sooriyan FM 103.2

Шри-Ланка / Тамильская музыка

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Слушать Sooriyan FM 103.2 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Тамильская музыка. Sooriyan FM 103.2 интернет радио онлайн.

Sun FMSun FM

Шри-Ланка / House / Местная музыка

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Слушать Sun FM радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / House / Местная музыка. Sun FM интернет радио онлайн.


Шри-Ланка / Местная музыка

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Слушать Syberviduliya радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Местная музыка. Syberviduliya интернет радио онлайн.

TNL Radio 101.7TNL Radio 101.7

Шри-Ланка / AAA / Современный рок

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Слушать TNL Radio 101.7 радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / AAA / Современный рок. TNL Radio 101.7 интернет радио онлайн.

UFO Labs Online 90s Music RadioUFO Labs Online 90s Music Radio

Шри-Ланка / Хип-хоп / Поп-музыка / 90-е / R&B

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UFO Labs 90s radio is a online music radio station from the team who brought you UFO Labs Rock Radio. Our playlist will entirely consist of undisputed classics from the 1990s, stretching from Oasis and Blur, to Primal Scream and the Chemical Brothers to the Spice Girls. Playing the best of the 90s 24X7, because 9 days of 90s is just too mainstream. Слушать UFO Labs Online 90s Music Radio радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Хип-хоп / Поп-музыка / 90-е / R&B. UFO Labs Online 90s Music Radio интернет радио онлайн.

UFO Labs Online Rock RadioUFO Labs Online Rock Radio

Шри-Ланка / Рок

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UFO Labs Rock Radio, streaming the best in rock, heavy metal music in Sri Lanka. Available worldwide, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the best tunes being dished out by DJ Ryboy. The day the songs keep on repeating, skipping is the day you know I'm thoroughly drunk and wasted. Слушать UFO Labs Online Rock Radio радио онлайн. Шри-Ланка / Рок. UFO Labs Online Rock Radio интернет радио онлайн.